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'We have moved to 1519 Central Ave. NE in Minneapolis. Now offering art glass cut to size for cabinet doors, transoms, etc.. Call for pricing and availability, wide variety of textures.'
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'Jacob Honer currently has Fused Art on display at the Chicago Fired Arts Center in South Minneapolis, 3749 Chicago Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55407'


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Art Glass Cut To Size

Every window is an opportunity. Privacy panels or French doors. Entry sidelights. Cabinets that could offer an inviting glimpse into what lies behind. Every window is an opportunity for architectural expression. Whether you seek the dramatic or the subtle, Honer Studio offers a unparalleled designer's palette.

A choice above ordinary patterned glass, these attractive sheets make a distinctive statement in your cabinetry or windows. The choices are yours: to obscure or enhance; to draw the eye with sparkling drama or surround with a soothing blanket of privacy.

For a little more than the cost of plain glass, the windows and cabinetry in your home become a subtle architectural accent.

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1519 Central Ave. NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413 (map)